Kim and Garth Getchell

The McCauley Tools Story:

McCauley Tools had modest beginnings. In 2005, while painting their house for the market, Garth and Kim Getchell were pulled into an intriguing conversation with seasoned painting contractor Pat McCauley.

McCauley demonstrated a rough prototype of a unique painting tool that, at first, simply sparked the interest of the Getchell’s: then, their excitement.

Veterans of 25 years of commercial contracting with their own 30 member painting crew, Garth and Kim immediately recognized the potential of this creative device and acquired the company. After an exhaustive research and development period, this exciting time culminated in the first patented flexible extension arm painting tools – The Brush Flex and Mini Roller Flex.

Over the years Garth and Kim Getchell have worked hard to make McCauley Tools a solid, reliable, cutting edge company. Dedicated to their work, they put the needs of professional and DIY painters first and foremost.

A simple concept. An elegant solution. Beautiful tools.